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Why and How I Paint

I am painting to see and understand the world. I revel in its colors and forms and textures, and attempt through observation and contemplation to find the relationships between the way things look and what they mean. Sometimes I reverse this process and try to assign visual values to my ideas, as well.

To me, any relationships I observe between things are metaphors for larger ideas. When I draw and paint, I feel as if I am part of the Creation itself, celebrating the process of becoming something new. The dance of observing/reacting, observing/reacting brings me into a meditative Oneness, even as the art that is produced reflects my own very personal experience. My style is not something I intend, it is what develops from my personality’s engagement with the sensual world.

In terms of the subject matter, it doesn’t really matter what “things” I choose to paint. All the things I observe will eventually be interpreted through my own unique perspective.

In my figurative work, I see the human body as vessel for the soul. Through gesture, pose, facial expression, and surrounding environment, I attempt to explore the energetic and psycho-spiritual emanations of my subjects as well as their physical characteristics. At once mundane and sacred, the human body is the site from which all questions may form!

My landscapes feel like extensions of my approach to the figurative work; mountains, trees, even rocks and clouds have “soul” attributes for me. I want the subject matter to be sensual and personal, textural and expressive, like my people!

Painting for me is a form of meditation, a way to access the divine. Being still, in the center of work, allowing the creative process to operate automatically, with as little interference from the rational mind as I can muster, is my goal and pleasure.


  1. What a clear and lovely perspective you have of this world. Wishing you continued success.

  2. Thank you, Johanna!

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