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Visitors of Light

My painting, “Visitors of Light” received the “Peoples Choice”award at the Sedona Arts Center’s 2017 Annual Juried Members Show.

The universal essence which infuses all...

“Quintessence” 40″H x 30″W

“Quintessence” : the fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies…
My latest painting is another work attempting to express my feelings about the spiritual nature of the physical universe. Mysterious spaces, with places to hide (caves) or escape (sky?), but throughout, an all pervasive, tactile, breathing reality of Being…

Opening May 23 thru July 7

Solo Exhibit at White Hills Gallery

Resting Place

Resting Place


“Moonlight Reverie”

“Moonlight Reverie” won a blue ribbon in the 2-D category at the Sedona Winefest 2012  in late September.  The exhibit was curated and judged by Organizer, Eric Schrode,  Designer/Artist/Instructor Taylor Hellman and SAC Ceramics Program Director/Ceramist Dennis Ott.