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  1. I love what you do with color. You bring the “excitement” to the the Sonoran desert landscape that it deserves. Also very impressed with your “Sonoran Ride” portrait. You nailed the bike, made the rider look cool, plus It truly captures the essence of the “freedom of the road” spirit.

  2. Oh I just adore these. Black Canyon Sunset is my favorite. Vivien and Friends…Margo’s Bed…goodness they are all so very good.

  3. Hello Sharon. Just popped in to tell you that I was out hiking and came upon a Datura, and your portrait of ‘Boy Among Daturas’ came to mind. Your portraits are all just so beautiful, and obvious to me now is I carry these images with me. All my best to you. 📮

  4. Thank you,dear Johanna! You are so kind to share that with me!Isn’t that why we make art, anyway?? I am so happy to hear you have found something of value(joy?)in my portraits!!

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