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A disembodied blue star

Floated miraculously over the surface of my vision

Dancing between water and sky,

Unencumbered by gravity, space, time, or reason.

Time Lines: Ancient Beauty

Time Lines

The wall was magnificent with dialogue:
Carved stories of the Ancients
Interrupted by cataclysm and water,
Cleaving the monumental tableau into
mosaic chapters,
Penetrating layer upon layer to find
deeper meanings beneath.

While above, Light danced and sang:
reciting her eternal song,
Flashing lines of omnipresent insight
into the dark and crumbling spaces
murmuring below.

(I read the stories on the wall,
but heeded the Sunlight above all.)

"Astral Traveler"

“Astral Traveler”

Night Call

Come, obsess with me!
I am the mother of the moon,
The endless, licorice love-jello between the stars.

Fall into my face!
Fly into making!
Whirl and swirl through my black and boundless yesness
Into a Becoming.

I am the field upon which the universe builds her toys,
The rich earth in which seedlings snuggle and gather their power…

Shine forth! Make!
Sing choruses to the infinite!
I will carry your song through time and all space and
Shine it back through my sizzling eyes!

Star Lover ImageStar Lover (A Healing)

A star pierced my belly and banged up against
a dead place.
It slithered the parameters cautiously, expectantly, whispering promises as it defined the edges of an ugly, leaden cube.

A tomb, a womb tomb, there in the center of my being.
Silhouetted in starlight, a mysterious, unfathomably impenetrable Black Box.

Caressing, humming, whispering my name,
my star illuminated the dense and odious presence.
Crawling up a face of this piece of my soul,
star tentacles found their grip,
rubbed and promised…promised and rubbed.

(No one must ever enter this place, I thought. Even love cannot enter this place, this black hole shrine I never knew existed.)

“Let me in,” pleaded my star lover. He shone me into vapor,
and only my ugly, anthracite center remained.

With whispers, sighs and endless caresses, my star lover’s intent,
laser fingers found the crack:
Black on black, with zero space between –
a flaw, a wish, a path…

One seminal scream of light, that dark and holy night
then pierced the ominous fissure;
and it shattered what was left of me into a thousand
tiny new possibilities.

Night Visitors

Night Visitors


My galaxy is about to BURST.

Filled to absolute density with the energies of colliding hearts and minds,
Spellbound by images of handsome women of various vintage
Crowding into me.

Powder-white bosoms,
Muscular intensity of arm and will,
Intelligent eyes,
Glitter, art and verbal mayhem

Spilling, invited, upon my territories,
Breathing in and out with effortless profundity,

Banging into my notions and expectations,
Pulverizing my concepts,
Congealing, reorganizing
And fitting pieces of us into ever greater complexities.

I am pregnant with evolving relationship.
I am heavy with expectancy, laden with dense promise.
How can my parameters hold?
How dare I keep this treasure here when all the universe awaits my response?

The black hole of me wishes to spew back jewels from her deepest center,
Crushed and brilliant,
Before they cut through of their own intention and harm the host.

Ruby planets,
Citrine suns,
Stars and moons of diamond
Shall spin out from my gratitude.

I explode with shimmering joy.
I am renewed, empty and yet splendidly alive
Among you all forever.

Sharron V. Porter

"Inside the Rain"

“Inside the Rain”


Sitting mightily upon my intention, I listen for this empty to pass:
The space between the notes of a song,
Not sad, not expectant,
But requisite.

These little holes between the threads of me, so infinitely small,
breathing form into the weave
Feeling like forever,
Holding me fast.

When next I speak, will it be with love?
Or shall terror strike my heart and make me cruel?

Insensitive to the truth I wish to celebrate,
Will I miss the moment?

This feels like a sleeping time, this tiny rest between heartbeats,
But it is sacred.
This is the place where all things are created.
I must listen, watch and be still…

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  1. Sharron this is so beautiful ……. You are so talented

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