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Visitors of Light

My painting, “Visitors of Light” received the “Peoples Choice”award at the Sedona Arts Center’s 2017 Annual Juried Members Show.

My most recent little creation!

Still Life 12" x 12" $450.

Still Life 12″ x 12″ $450.

Last spring, I was chosen to be the sketch artist for the season’s final episode of the Dead Files, a Travel Channel program investigating the presence of  ghosts and entities in different places around the country. They were coming to Sedona, and filming at at well-known spot in town that is reputed to be haunted. I was asked to draw two sketches for them, based on what the show’s psychic, Amy Allan, described to me.  Below is another (partial) rendition of one of the drawings I did for them.  It was interesting and fun! Although I am not able to tell you the location the crew chose, if you come to Sedona, keep a look out for it.  The owner of the establishment has even more stories to tell! And there will be an event the night the Sedona episode airs there (probably early Fall of 2017), as well. Stay tuned!!

Sneak Peak (The Dead Files)

Sneak Peak (The Dead Files)


Last month I was invited to join a small group of artists to help stage a beautiful contemporary home high up in Oak Creek Canyon, outside of Sedona.

Scroll down the Live in Sedona Website below to the video link “The Art of Blackberry Lane”. Take a look!  I have several paintings placed  there…


SharronPorter-BestOfShow 2Friday, March 4th, I was honored to receive two awards at the Sedona Arts Center’s 36th Annual Juried Art Exhibition. What a lovely surprise to be acknowledged among friends and fellow professional artists for whom I have great respect and admiration!

Reflection a jpg

“Reflection” 18″ x 24″ $1200.


                                                                                                                                                     A disembodied blue star

Floated miraculously over the surface of my vision

Dancing between water and sky,

Unencumbered by gravity, space, time, or reason.

Open Studios GJenkins, S

Fun day spent talking to people about how I build my canvases and the materials I use.  My friend and fellow artist, Clark Sheppard, was loving the sticks and stones!

The Open Studio went for two days and benefited the Verde Valley Caregivers.  (There was a misprint attributing the benefit to the Verde Valley Sanctuary).

The universal essence which infuses all...

“Quintessence” 40″H x 30″W

“Quintessence” : the fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies…
My latest painting is another work attempting to express my feelings about the spiritual nature of the physical universe. Mysterious spaces, with places to hide (caves) or escape (sky?), but throughout, an all pervasive, tactile, breathing reality of Being…

Sedona's Best Artists cover

My work has recently been included in a book entitled, Sedona’s Best Artists. I am honored to be among so many accomplished and expressive Sedona artists, many of whom I call friends. The book is based on the critical writings Louise Sheldon MacDonald has had printed over the past several years in our local weekly arts and entertainment publication, Kudos. She writes, “Sedona is a center of artistic ferment. Here we find the famed “vortex”said to enable the mind and the soul to soar. How fortunate we are to live in an area surrounded by craggy formations of red rock and forests of green, bedazzled by opalescent sunsets that turn the mind to the ideals of beauty and art.”

 Well said, Louise!

Of my paintings she says, “Rocks protrude, surging crazily over one another, trunks lean anxiously, twigs grapple rapaciously for water. Colors brighten to their highest hues. Nature is stridently alive in her paintings. She calls them ‘Textured Landstracts’ because of their ‘abstracted, tactile’ quality, but that term fails to express the vitality of these acrylic paintings, their drawing on anthropomorphic traits.”

 I am flattered! Thank you, Louise!

I AM THE SEDONA ART MUSEUM’s  ONLINE ARTIST for the Month of June!  Please check out this fantastic new website, all the artists-of-the-month, the online museum,  and my work
at or to to learn more about the museum we’re developing for Sedona!