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It took me half of my life to finally get to live in Sedona, Arizona! To me, the Verde Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Painting here is like nothing I have ever experienced before; inspiration is everywhere!

Being a painter and a sculptor, color and form and texture are all important to me. It’s hard to choose between them, so I don’t!
The rocks, with their crazy shapes, stacked in infinite ways, encrusted with lichen, carved by water and invaded by the occasional tree
or flowering plant provide endless compositional possibilities for my camera and canvas.

The kayak trip I took down the Verde River with 22 other artists was an amazing opportunity to learn more about river habitat and to gather
material for some new paintings, as well. It was an exhilarating and beautiful experience, and the people I met became dear friends in three days!
We will all treasure this time we spent together paddling down the sweet green river, hiking, photographing, painting and drawing, and just sitting around the
campfire singing, telling our stories…

AC River Bank ART2 40x30

AC Roots36x48

AC River and MossDSCN0229

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